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A show fit for ‘Brazillionaires’

A show fit for ‘Brazillionaires’
28. srpna 2016 • 12:11
Most of Rio’s largely working class population had, of course, to catch the live atmosphere of the Maracana stadium closing ceremony of Brazil’s Olympic Games from whatever vantage point they could manage and – with the baton now passing to Tokyo for the 2020 showpiece – plenty were asking what the Olympic legacy might mean for them.

A new subway line? Well, that links two wealthy beachside areas, the expansion to poorer areas has not progressed. Greater national unity? With recriminations in full flow over how a poor country has spent billions on arenas unlikely to see much post-Games use, that’s unlikely.

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A new feelgood factor for a proud city that pulled it off on the world stage? When only two months ago the governor declared a “state of public calamity” with Rio struggling to pay doctors’ salaries? Cheer up, some “cariocas” (Rio natives) might say, at least Brazil’s football team won gold on penalties…

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