Adéla Čabanová's notebook: Not what the doctor ordered |

Adéla Čabanová's notebook: Not what the doctor ordered

Adéla Čabanová's notebook: Not what the doctor ordered
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Adéla Čabanová

The summer holidays are over and Czech MPs are busy back at work trying to make all our lives better. For example, lawmakers on the parliamentary health committee immediately embarked on a fiery debate about doctors’ qualifications and whether private outpatient practitioners should be compelled to occasionally serve in hospitals.

On the one side is the argument that such experience would improve doctors’ training, and thus the quality of care; on the other, critics bemoan the ramifications of the state ordering people where to work, and argue such dictates would actually worsen the quality of care. The debate became quite tense, with many interested parties attending the committee meeting. The committee chair, Rostislav Vyzula (ANO), resolved the standoff by simply adjourning hearings. Now, voting is set to take place at some future date – when far fewer people will be in attendance. After all, we all need a calm workplace!

Our teachers are all enjoying a pay rise. But what continues to shock are the disparities between the performances of different teachers – sometimes two teachers separated by a mere wall can be miles apart when it comes to their job effectiveness. How can one teacher systematically destroy the will to learn in children, and another, conversely, cultivate it? We certainly have a significant number of great teachers. But they wouldn’t know how valued they are from their paychecks.

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