Angel of the Lord sequel a box office ‘miracle’

Angel of the Lord sequel a box office ‘miracle’
12. prosince 2016 • 16:02

Director Jiří Strach’s Anděl Páně 2 [Angel of the Lord 2] comedy family fantasy film sequel has smashed the Czech box office record for an opening weekend. The Union of Film Distributors said the “Christmas fairy tale” attracted more than 188,000 cinema goers, a stunning increase on the previous record of nearly 50,000.

“In one word, it’s a miracle,” said Strach. “Audiences fortunately do happily make time for Czech films. They want to be carried away by a clasping and caressing of earthy humanity, kind-heartedness and humour. And that’s what Anděl Páně 2 delivers,” he added.

The first film, Anděl Páně, was released in 2005. It slowly became a modern-day classic among Czech audiences. The movie follows the adventures of an angel who has screwed up in heaven, causing him to be exiled to Earth, where he is incarnated as a beggar.

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