Have your say - Adriana Krnáčová: Why visit Prague? There are countless reasons! | E15.cz

Have your say - Adriana Krnáčová: Why visit Prague? There are countless reasons!

Have your say -  Adriana Krnáčová: Why visit Prague? There are countless reasons!
Primátorka Prahy Adriana Krnáčová
ZDROJ: Martin Pinkas, Euro
The Czech capital is one of the most attractive destinations visited by tourists from all over the world. The reason is very simple: just about everyone wishes to experience its unique atmosphere and beauty. And that is no exaggerated boast, it’s a fact proven by assessments published on travellers’ web portal TripAdvisor.

The interactive site’s users have voted Prague one of the Top 25 places on the planet that are seen as undeniably worth a visit. Prague, which has served as the seat of two Holy Roman Emperors and is often referred to as the City of a Hundred Spires, attracts tourists not just for its historical sites and monuments, but also for its quality of accommodation and catering. The city’s pulling power is additionally boosted by its comprehensive public transport network and reputation as a safe place.

In further describing Prague, I would certainly like to mention that the capital city is not just one of the best places to run a business but also one of the best places to live in Central Europe, something which has been demonstrated by numerous studies conducted both in the Czech Republic and abroad. It offers excellent working conditions, top-quality education, a high level of medical care as well as highly developed infrastructure and easy connections to major cities worldwide.

The city is renowned for being a cultural and social hub with countless theatres, museums, concert venues and cinemas. It offers a friendly atmosphere with plenty of entertainment opportunities and a great numbers of restaurants and bars.
Even though Prague is certainly one busy metropolis, I, as a fan of jogging, am thrilled by the green expanses found within its numerous parks. My favourite place for jogging is Stromovka [Tree Park], a colloquial name for what was once known as the Royal Enclosure [Královská obora]. Free hours are necessarily scarce for the capital’s mayor, but whenever some arrive I do love to take in one of the many cultural events fortuitously running at the same time. A profusion of such attractions, from concerts to art exhibitions, occur here right around the calendar.

On top of all this, Prague has been named the European Capital of Sport for 2016. It amounts to one of the most significant accolades to have been bestowed upon the city, placing it alongside the likes of Rotterdam, Dublin and Stockholm. Cities that take pride in holding the title are much sought after destinations for many tourists and visitors.

In any given year, the European Capital of Sport presents a range of sporting activities on a European scale. Prague has enjoyed a considerable sports infrastructure boom in years of late and has hosted a number of occasions that have placed it on both the European and global sports stages. In holding this European sport title, our city can present itself not only as a major magnet for tourists and as an architectural treasure, but also as a sporting mecca located right in the heart of Europe.

The author is the mayor of Prague

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