Not the stuff of legend, but a victory nonetheless...

Not the stuff of legend, but a victory nonetheless...
29. srpna 2016 • 11:11
State officials have defeated the Teutonic Knights in battle, or a court battle to be precise. Picturesque Bouzov castle near Mohelnice in the Olomouc Region, was the prize. And, following an Olomouc District Court ruling, it is to stay in state ownership.

The court rejected a complaint filed by the Teutonic Knights (officially the religious Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem, it was a military order until 1929) against the National Heritage Institute [NPÚ] as unfounded. “It has been demonstrated during the course of the proceedings that the Order was dissolved in this country in 1939,” the judge said. The Order demanded reinstatement as the rightful owner of the historical property, complete with its furnishings. It intends to appeal against the ruling

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